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Linq Mortgages is more than just mortgages. We support your long-term strategy for building wealth through real estate by providing sound financial advice on your lending solutions.
How We Help

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, developer or a seasoned investor, achieving your real estate goals requires the right financing.

With a depth of expertise in real estate investing, banking, business ownership and construction, Linq provides you with more than the best mortgage. They provide mortgage advice, coaching and counselling to help you build a long-term real estate investment strategy. They are the missing link to building wealth in your advisory group.

If you need someone who gets it, then you need Linq.

Linq Services

What we do

Buying Your First Home

Your first home is your steppingstone to your next home. We know it can years to save and many sacrifices along the way.

Renewing Your Mortgage

If your mortgage is coming up for renewal, talk to us well in advance–six months or more–to explore all your options.

Self-employed business owners

Entrepreneurs think different, we can help find a lender that thinks differently too.

Financing the building of a new home

We can help navigate the complexities of financing your new home, from purchasing the lot to securing the final mortgage.

Refinancing a property

With access to a range of a range of products, we can help access the equity in your home for emergency purchases.

Level up your investment portfolio

Looking to finance a multi-family building or buy property for your business?

Linq works closely with clients throughout British Columbia who are open to growth and want to build wealth through real estate.

Grace Pontes

CPA, CMA, Mortgage Professional