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CMHC programs to help couples in divorce

Divorce is an emotionally difficult process and can cause a lot of financial strain on those involved. Fortunately, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers programs specifically designed to help couples dealing with divorce or separation.

Here is some information about what these programs offer and how they can help make the transition easier.

Buyer’s Mortgage Insurance
If you are planning on buying out your ex-partner’s share of the home, CMHC offers buyer’s mortgage insurance which provides protection for lenders when the value of a property is not enough to cover the amount financed in case there is a default on payments. The premiums for this type of insurance vary depending on factors such as how much money is being borrowed, whether it’s an owner-occupied residence or an investment property, and other considerations.

Seller Take-Back Mortgage Insurance
In certain situations, a former partner may agree to sell their share of the home via a seller take-back mortgage rather than receiving cash from the buyer directly. To protect both parties, CMHC offers Seller Take-Back Mortgage Insurance which helps reduce any financial risk incurred should buyers not be able to pay back their loan under agreed terms – providing them with third party assurance up to certain limits and helping facilitate smoother transactions throughout proceedings.

Flexibilities & Limitations
Although CMHC does provide options for those looking to purchase their former partner out of a home during divorce proceedings, there are still limitations that need to be considered before taking out either type of insurance such as fees associated with these products or restrictions related to borrowing amounts, occupancy status of properties being purchased, etc. It pays to know what you’re getting into ahead of time so that you fully understand all costs associated with these services beforehand while also ensuring total compliance with current regulations at all times.

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation offers several programs designed specifically to help couples going through divorce or separation while making sure they are treated fairly throughout proceedings. By understanding how these services work ahead of time and planning accordingly based on individual needs, taking advantage of these CMHC packages could go a long way in helping make navigating difficult times easier!

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